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Driver Manual & Safety Program Handbook


Rock Safaris Trucking Trucking LLC is known as a  long-haul entertainment transportation company with expertise in transporting finished goods, machinery and equipment – specializing in dry van  shipments.

Rock Safaris Trucking LLC is committed to the protection of our drivers and their long-term health. It is our policy to comply with all provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Regulations (FMCSRs).Rock Safaris Trucking LLC will not permit or require any vehicle to be operated in violation of the safety regulations. Specific measures will be taken to ensure compliance from all drivers. In our industry, a lot of emphasis is placed on safety while driving; however, there is a great potential for injury to our drivers while working on and around our trucks and trailers. Because of this potential for injury, Rock Safaris Trucking LLC has developed this program of safe acts to follow while working on and around our trucks and trailers.  It affects all persons operating under the Rock Safaris Trucking LLC operating authority.

P U R P O S E  A N D  S C O P E

This program includes emphasis on the unique issues found in our industry. The components of the program include awareness of the hazards, the use of appropriate equipment, safe work practices, evaluation of the driver’s knowledge of these safe work practices, and counseling.

Mission Statement

It is our intention to be in compliance with all federal, state, and municipal safety and highway regulations. We want to make certain that our drivers know and understand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Our mission is to have safe transportation of our products by providing the following:

  1. Training in regulatory compliance at the management

  2. Ongoing driver training by taking advantage of multimedia resources

  3. Adherence to driver hiring

  4. Continual audit of driver safety records to ensure

  5. Never to require drivers to operate a vehicle when fatigued and never to require drivers to exceed the speed limit in order to meet a run

  6. Training in the proper and safe way to distribute and secure a

  7. Maintain current physical exams, driving records, and

Handbook Introductory Statement

 This handbook is designed to provide you with information regarding company philosophy, benefits, policies, and procedures. This handbook is not intended to create a contract of employment between the company and any of its employees or otherwise alter or modify employees’ at-will status. These policies and procedures offer a set of guidelines for the implementation of those policies and procedures.

They are subject to change from time to time and do not confer any obligation on Rock Safaris Trucking LLC or right to employment. Rock Safaris Trucking LLC explicitly reserves the right to modify any of the provisions of these policies and procedures at any time and without notice. The policies, procedures, and benefits will be applied to each particular situation and interpreted by Rock Safaris Trucking LLC at its sole and absolute discretion, subject to applicable state and federal laws. In addition, this handbook supersedes all previous written or verbal policies.

Please take the time to read the material carefully, become familiar with its content as you are responsible for the information held within. If there are items that you do not understand, or if you have any questions, please contact  Wayne Neil 214-542-6345.


This manual was created to provide guidance in understanding our policies and procedures. It should not be construed as a contract of employment, nor an offer of contract to independent contractor / owner operator’s employment at will. It is your responsibility to read and review the contents of this manual. Rock Safaris Trucking LLC drivers receive a driver’s manual covering the topics listed here. Compliance with these topics is a performance expectance while operating under Rock Safaris Trucking LLC’s operating authority.

By checking this box you acknowledge that you have received the Rock Safaris Trucking LLC drivers manual. *

  • I acknowledge that I have received the drivers manual from Rock Safaris Trucking LLC and that I agree by the rules and mandates here in listed.

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